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Clear Light from the Spirit World 1884

Clear Light from the Spirit World 1884

By: Kate Irving

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Published in 1884 | 215 pages | PDF reader required


1. To the Reader.
2. The First Night of My New Life.
3. My Investigations into the Spiritualism of the Jewish Scriptures.
4. The Spiritualism of the Greeks.
5. My First Experience in Spiritualism.
6. How I Saw the Immortals.
7. How and When I Saw Departed Friends.
8. As I Went On.
9. A Dark Séance.
10. A Private Séance.
11. Ole Bull, the Great Norwegian Violinist, as a Spiritualist.
12. The Spiritualist Camp-Meeting of 1883.
13. Mrs. Williams' Arrival and First Public Séance.
14. The Return to New York.
15. At Home.
16. Spirit Tests by a Company of Savants in New York.
17. How I was Guided to the "Forrest Home" by Lucille Western to Find Her Mother.
18. General Garibaldi Returns from the Spirit Land.
19. Spiritualism at Cambridge.
20. The Uses of Spiritualism.
21. How My Experiences in Spiritualism Expanded.
22. Who was Priscilla?
23. Life and Occupations in the Spirit World.
24. What I have Learned of Our Relations to the Spirit World.
25. Infants in Spirit Life.
26. Councils in the Spirit World for Mundane Influence.
27. Spirit Mediums.
28. Last Announcements from the Spheres.
29. Parting Words to My Friends, or Strangers, who are not Spiritualists.
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