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Seers of The Ages Embracing Spiritualism 1869

Seers of The Ages Embracing Spiritualism 1869

By: J. M. Peebles

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Published in 1869 | 396 pages | PDF reader required 


Love is immortal. Golden is the chain that unites the past with the present. More beautiful is the spirit-blossom for the sweet love budding of earth. Precious in spirit-history is Yorkshire, England—not so much for thy noble descent and clerical culture, as for thy happy home there, whose first memories of incarnate life, maternally pure, cling to thy soul as lingering melodies from inspired minstrels. Passing early through the pale-curtained doorway of death, to thy "Pear Grove Cottage," in the upper kingdoms of immortality, rapid and rhythmic has been thy march of progress.

Though gathering pearls of knowledge from the risen seers of India, Syria and Greece, storing thy receptive nature with those heavenly truths and divine experiences that abound so full and free for all in the ever-green gardens of the Infinite—thou hast not forgotten thy mortal brothers and sisters, who feel their way in comparative darkness, and, like children, continually cry for light and wise spirit guidance. Oft as hearts have ached, tears fallen, or martyred feet, on missions of mercy, have crimsoned the soil, thou hast turned thy calm presence earthward, laden with balms, baptisms and benedictions. . ..


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