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Spirit Rapping Unveiled 1855

Spirit Rapping Unveiled 1855

By: H. Mattison

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Published in 1855 | 252 pages | PDF reader required


Chapter 1—History and alleged phenomena.

Chapter 2—Alleged causes—theory of spiritual intercourse.

Chapter 3—Standard of truth—the bible on psychology.

Chapter 4—The intermediate state.

Chapter 5—Ministering spirits.

Chapter 6—Witches, wizards, etc., of the bible.

Chapter 7—Apparitions, ancient and modern.

Chapter 8—Various alleged spirit media considered.

Chapter 9—Theology of the "spirits."

Chapter 10—Literature of the "spirits."

Chapter 11—Science and philosophy of the "spirits."

Chapter 12—Mistakes and contradictions of the "spirits."

Chapter 13—Astonishing revelations by the "spirits."

Chapter 14—Effects of spirit-rapping.

Chapter 15—Causes of alleged spiritual phenomena.


Chapter 1—Replies to my Reviewers.

Chapter 2—Theories explanatory of Spirit-rapping.

Chapter 3—Interesting recent Developments.


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