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The Mystic World 1897

The Mystic World 1897

By: O. W. Humphrey

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Published in 1897 | 89 pages | PDF reader required


A literal narrative of strange mystical occurrences, rare materializations, voice séances, clairvoyance, clairaudience, trance and mental phenomena, singular psychical manifestations, thought transference, etc.
Chapter 1. Initiatory Experiences.
Chapter 2. A Vivid Impression.
Chapter 3. The Locket "Test."
Chapter 4. The N. S. A.
Chapter 5. The Emner Materialisations.
Chapter 6. The Coloured Medium.
Chapter 7. Miscellany—
An Odd Experience.
Mental Phenomena.
Was It Thought Transference?
He Was Conscious.
A Business Man's Tale.
Father W_____, A Catholic Priest.
Chapter 8. A Trumpet or Voice Séance.
Chapter 9. My Father's Death.
Chapter 10. His Second Manifestation.
Chapter 11. My Father's Voice.
Chapter 12. The Mysterious Paper.
Chapter 13. "Tim."
Chapter 14. The Search.
Chapter 15. A Further "Test."
Chapter 16. My Brother's Statement.
Chapter 17. The Mystery of Life.
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