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The Proofs of the Truths of Spiritualism 1919

The Proofs of the Truths of Spiritualism 1919

By: Rev. Prof. G. Henslow, M.A.

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Published in 1919 | 323 pages | PDF reader required


1. Practical Methods of Substantiating the Truths of Spiritualism.
2. The Scientific Methods of Proving Survival.
3. What is to be Understood by Spiritualism.
4. Automatic Handwriting; and Personal Experiences.
5. Testing the Spirits' Sight.
6. The Phenomena of Trance Séances.
7. Testimonies to Dr. Hooper's Power as A Medium and of Spirit-Healing.
8. Apports.
9. Poltergeists.
10. Radio-Mediumistic (?) Phenomena; Dr Hooper, Transparent.
11. Matter through Matter; Time and Space Annihilated under Conditions of Four Dimensions; Levitation.
12. Spirit-Lights, Hands, and Clouds.
13. Thoughts are Things; Making the if Spirit-Body and Clothes.
14. Babies, Children and Adult Spirits, Re-appearing as Children; Their Life on the Other Side.
15. The Ven. Archdeacon Colley, and his Spiritualistic Experiences of Forty Years.
16. The Gradual Development of Spirit-Photography.
17 Automatic Painting and Drawing under Spirit Control.
18. Psychographs from Dr. F. W. Monck (Self-named 'Adanijah').
19. Psychographs from 'Ajax,' Formerly A Chicago Preacher.
20. Replies to a Request by Archdeacon Colley, for a Psychograph in Three or more Languages.
21. A Greek Text (Luke, 17, 4, 5), Copied from the Alexandrine MS. of the New Testament, now in the British Museum.
22. Psychographs Across Ordinary Photographs of Sitters.
23. A Communication Written on a Spirit Tablet and 'Precipitated' on to a Photographic Plate, in Total Darkness, Addressed to Rev. G. Henslow.
24. A Message to Rev. G. Henslow on the Third Plate of an Unopened Packet of Twelve Photographic Plates.
25. Materialisations.
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