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The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism 1881

The Scientific Basis of Spiritualism 1881

By: Eyes Sargent

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Published in 1881 | 385 pages | PDF reader required


CHAPTER 1 - The Basis—Clairvoyance; Direct Writing
Typical Facts—Meaning of Spirit—Theory of Leibnitz—Proved Phenomena—Medial Frauds—Transfiguration—So-called Exposures—Testimony of a Jurist—Fairbairn—Hopps—Herbert Spencer—Form-Manifestations among Indians—Personal Experience in Pneumatography—Joseph Cook's Statement—Watkins, the Medium—Hiram Sibley's Testimony—J. Edwin Hunt's—Phillips, the Medium—A. E. Wallace's Testimony—Zöllner, Ulrici, Fichte, and Wundt—Experiences of Baron Guldenstubbe—Demonphobia—Testimony of Storer, Hayward, Beals, Wetherbee, Timayenis, Stebbins—Platform Proofs—Mrs. Simpson—Bellachini, the Conjurer—Stainton-Moses—Dr. Wyld—Slade.
CHAPTER 2 - Facts against Theories
The Materialistic Theory insufficient—Prof. Denslow's Statement—His Experiences with Slade and Mrs. Simpson—Samuel Watson, Wesley, Priestley, Oberlin—List of Phenomena—Theory of Mundane Agency—Significance of the Phenomena—Zöllner's Experiments—Knots in an Endless Cord—Testimony of T. L. Nichols—Opinions of Plutarch, Cicero, St. Augustine—The "Scientific American"—Clairvoyance and Direct Writing as a Scientific Basis—Cognate Phenomena analogically proved.
CHAPTER 3 - Reply to Objections of Wundt
Open Letter to Ulrici—Slade in Lcipsic—Wundt contradicts Himself—Objections to a Scientific Recognition—No Violation of Nature's Laws—Objections answered—Youmans—A Common Fallacy—Universal Causality—Frivolous Charges against Slade—Wundt's Ignorance of the Subject—Ulrici and Fichte on the Phenomena—Prayer of the Prince Imperial—Witchcraft explained by Spiritualism—Quotation from "Planchette"—Blackftone—Lecky—The Phelps Phenomena—Cook on the Spiritual Body—Materialisation—Baden Powell—Animism—Leibnitz and Kant—Notions of the Uncivilized—Jugglery refuted by the Jugglers.
CHAPTER 4 - Clairvoyance a Spiritual Faculty
More Objections—A. E. Wallace—Dr. Elliotson—William White—Our Visit to Dr. Ashburner—J. F. Deleuze—Dr. Gcorget's Posthumous Testimony—Analysis of Clairvoyance—Importance of Objective Phenomena—Trance-Speaking often at Fault—Deceptive Spirits—Mrs. Richmond against the Scientific Basis—Gross Contradictions—Science the only Safeguard—Tyndall's Investigations—William Crookes—T. W. Higginson—Darius Lyman on Scientific Specialists—John Fiske—Clairvoyance again—Alexis Didier—Houdin's Letter—Alexis explains—Hudson Tuttle—Testimony of Dr. Carpenter's Brother.
CHAPTER 5 - Is Spiritual Science Hostile to Religion?
The Argument from Tradition—John Stuart Mill's Admission—System of I. H. Fichte—Theodore Parker on Spiritualism—Henry Thomas Buckle—What is Religion?—Coleridge—Primitive Christianity—Science and Religion—Howells—
Phenomenon of Christ's Reappearance—Reply to Weiss—Form Manifestations—Dr. Gully—Author's Experience in Spirit-Identity—Materialisation—Holyoake—Thackeray—Our Basis unassailable.
CHAPTER 6 - Phenomenal Proofs—The Spirit-Body
The Spirit-Hand—Full-Form Manifestations—Testimony of Dr. Gardner, Dr. Wilkinson, &c.—Burnham describes Formation of Spirit-Hand—Calmut's Remarkable Testimony—Willis's Account of the Stabbing of a Spirit-Hand—Early Egyptian Testimony—What is Matter?—Levitation—St. Theresa—Will am Fishbough—Charles Bonnet—Dr. J. W. Draper—The German Physicists—Assertions of Clairvoyants—Gillingham—Müller—Miss Blackwell—Stewart and
Tait—Guizot—Pliny—T. P. Barkas—John Mould—Dr. Gully to Author—Lord Bacon—Descartes—The Soul extended—J. E. Walter.
CHAPTER 7 - Proofs from Induced Somnambulism, etc.
Review of Mesmerism—Cuvier and Laplace—Gall, Spurzheim, Hahnemann, Hamilton, Lacordaire, &c.—Author's Experiences—Dr. Collyer—Mr. Peale—Mrs. A. C. Mowatt—Experiments in Mesmerism—Braid's Theory—Phenomena
through Mrs. Mowatt—Rev. W. E. Channing, N. P. Willis, and Dr. Mott see her somnambulic—Effect of Mesmeric Treatment—Mrs. Mowatt at Lenox—Mary Howitt on her Character—Phenomena through Miss Fancher—Objections of Beard and Hammond—Clairvoyance a Fixed Fact—Experts—The Money Test—Townshend's Facts in Mesmerism—A Dual Consciousness—Case of Mary Reynolds—Phenomena attending the Death of Bishop Lee—Illustrative Facts—Prevision in a Dream.
CHAPTER 8 - Cumulative Testimony—Spirit Communications
Experience with A. J. Davis—Importance of Scientific Proofs—More Unscientific Objections—Purposes of Science—C. C. Massey on Spiritualism—Spirit-Identity—Proofs by Reproductions of Physical Defects—Mrs. F. O. Hyzer's Testimony—Contradictions in Spirit-Communications—Mrs. Maria M. King—Are there Evil Spirits?—Grades of Consciousness—William Howitt and Daughter—A Satisfactory Test—Plutarch and Porphyry on the Phenomena—Anaxagoras—The Cui bono Question—Dr. F. B. Hedge's Statement confuted—Identity—Grinnell, the Medium—Fechner's Theory—Summing-up—Swedenborg and Wesley—Man a Trichotomy—Dr. Holland—Zollner and Crookes on the Spirit Hand—Dangers—Short-sighted Antagonism—Crookes on
Radiant Matter—Christ on Good and Evil Spirits—Rev. Joseph Cook—Rev. George Putnam—Rev. Dr. Hall—Robert Chambers—Bishop Clark—Pauline Doctrine.
CHAPTER 9 - Discrete Mental States
Locke on Identity—Hartmann—Phenomena of Consciousness Illustrations—Dr. Gregory—Dr. O. W. Holmes—Prof. Clifford—Tiedemann's Theory—Admiral Beaufort on Drowning—The Mind a Multiplex Unity—Reply to Lewes—Case of Rev. Mr. Tennant—Facts of Idiocy—Agassiz and Dr. Brown-Sequard—Abererombie—Swedenborg on the Inner Memory—J. Le Conte—Maudsley—No Unconscious Cerebration—Jacobi, Schelling, Plotinus, Lessing—Discrete States—The Theory applied to Spirits—Philosophy of the Unconscious—Hartmann—His Unconscious Deity conscious—Kirchman's Analysis.
CHAPTER 10 - The Unseen World a Reality
Undiscriminating Antagonism—More Danger from ignoring than from investigating—Objections of David Swing—Facts in Confutation—Biblical Testimony—Swedenborgian Objections—What Rev. Mr. Mercer has to say—Theism of Spiritualism compared—Desire for Continuous Life—Temperamental
Differences—Spurious Phenomena as related to Genuine—Kant's Prediction of Intercommunication—He anticipates our Proofs—Shelley a Spiritualist—His Letter to Godwin—George Eliot—Reply to Leslie Stephen.
CHAPTER 11 - The Sentiment of Immortality
Indifference to Life's Continuance—Effects of a False Psychology—The Will and the Temperament—Author's Acquaintance with Miss Martineau—Her Idiosyncrasies—Wm. Humboldt on a Future Life—Bradlaugh—His Discussion with Burns—Bigotry in Secularism—Genesis of Belief in Spirits—David F. Strauss—His Dismay at Life's Continuance—The Alarm superfluous—Felix Adler on Immortality—Not too much, but too little—The "Lust" for a Future Life—Fallacies of Adler and Emerson—Goethe's Demoniac Men—Buckle—Hortense Bonaparte—Col. R. G. Ingersol on his Brother's Death—Clifford.
CHAPTER 12 - The Great Generalisation.
Theism in the Light of Spiritualism—The Divine Personality—Prayer—Doctrine of Spheres—Psychometry—Illustrative Facts—Dangerous Assumptions—Object-Souls—Incautious Investigations—Concluding Reflections.
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