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The Theory of Spiritualism 1907

The Theory of Spiritualism 1907

By: Charles M. Lane

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Published in 1907 | 382 pages | PDF reader required

"If a man die shall he live again" has been the wail of the human race for ages and ages, and remains the one sad cry that has not been answered so as to satisfy the minds of a vast number of people.
That we are born into this world; that we live here a brief time and that we disappear are three things upon which we are all agreed.
What we are here for, where we are going to and when will we get there, are three questions this book attempts to answer.
It may be that the views herein related are incorrect in some particulars, and is it not also possible that the reader is wrong in  some of her or his opinions about these matters?
Kindly read this book with as much patience as you can muster up, and do not throw it aside merely because you do not agree with every statement it contains. …
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