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Silver Birch Special

Silver Birch Special

By: Paul Gaunt

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The well-known Spirit Guide Silver Birch, was first known as “Big Jump” and within the private circle the guide continued to be called Big Jump.

The Britten museum, at Stansted Hall, holds 17 full note books recording communication from Silver Birch in short-hand; these are mostly undated produced during the period 1973-1981. One undated notebook gives details of the circle: Barbie, Sylvia, Sonny Abrahams, Charles Burkett, Vernon Moore, Irene Jessup and Frances Moore. Visitors: Max Frank, Mel & Reg Reed, Delcena Williams. Some of these notebooks contain a sketch, postal addresses, names (some names are known e.g., David Young, Nellor Taylor), questions posed to SB/BJ etc. The circle scribe for these notebooks was Frances Moore; the Silver Birch Teachings listed in this file may possibly be the printed versions from the short-hand note books, at present we do not know if any of these teachings have been previously published.

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