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Eileen Garrett - Her Life and Her Mediumship

Eileen Garrett - Her Life and Her Mediumship

By: Eileen Garrett and Allan Angoff

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ISBN 9781905961368 

This edition 2016, 384 pages, 1 picture, paperback.

This volume includes two books:

My Life - As a Search for the Meaning of Mediumship by Eileen Garrett; and
The World Beyond the Senses by Alaan Angoff.

Eileen Garrett was an outstanding trance medium. She demonstrated, what was to many, conclusive proof of survival; however, she always doubted the source of the information that came through her.

She never accepted that what Spiritualists believed to be spirit controls were in fact separate from her. She came to the belief that her own super-conscious could access information and had also created the personalities as a means of presenting it.

Over a period of many years she subjected herself to every form of scientific test she could in an endeavour to understand how her mediumship worked.

Her own autobiography ends in 1939 when she was only 46 years old and misses the next 31 years of her life. I have therefore decided to include in this volume the biography written by Allan Angoff. Whilst his book includes many references to Eileen’s own book, My Life, it also completes her story by taking us all the way to 1970 and her passing.

He also includes the remarkable story of the R-101 disaster, in which Eileen gave astonishing evidence of the crews’ survival. A story she completely omits from her own autobiography.

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