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Letters From Julia

Letters From Julia

By: William Thomas Stead

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ISBN - 9781905961283

First published 1897, 177 pages, 1 picture.

The Book
William Thomas Stead was an English newspaper editor who was regarded as controversial due to his interest in Spiritualist phenomena, not only as an investigator, but also as a medium himself; hence this book. In 1912 he was travelling to America to meet the medium Etta Wriedt, when he became one of the victims of the Titanic disaster.

This book is the product of automatic writing; the spirit communicator, Julia, was able to use the hand of the medium to write her letters. They are a fascinating insight into the mind of someone recently arrived in that place we call the spirit world.

She not only describes what she experienced after death but also explains how mediumship works from the spirits perspective.

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