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Lilian Bailey - The Tapestry of Life

Lilian Bailey - The Tapestry of Life

By: Marjorie Aaron

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ISBN 9781905961344


First published 1979, this edition 2016, 115 pages, 1 picture, paperback.


The Book
The subject of this book, Lilian Bailey, was one of the greatest mediums Spiritualism has produced. During her forty years' dedicated service she provided irrefutable survival evidence to countless numbers of bereaved people and others who sought guidance in times of great crises.


In Psychic News they printed scores of accounts from people in all walks of life, some of them having achieved deserved national and international fame, paying testimony to the comfort and guidance they received through her mediumship.


Her regular sitters received their communications from three spirit guides who each revealed distinctive personalities that were vastly different from that of the medium.


Two of them are featured in this book, not for the after-life evidence they transmitted, but for the implications and philosophy they propounded based on a long experience and the accompanying insights it gave them.


Tribute should be paid to the compiler of this book for her arduous task of listening to a large collection of her tape-recordings to choose those communications which will enable readers to have the benefit of wisdom from the Beyond.

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