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Nettie Colburn - Trance Medium

Nettie Colburn - Trance Medium

By: Nettie Colburn

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ISBN 9781905961016

Previously published as 'Was Abraham Lincoln a Spiritualist?'

First published 1891, last published in complete form 1917, edited edition 1956, this edition 2006, 218 pages, 12 pictures, 4 illustrations, paperback.

Important note: The 1956 edition omitted all of the poetry, pictures and edited the story. This book is a complete copy of the original.

The Book
At the height of the American civil war Nettie Colburn, then only a young woman, gave trance sittings to the American President. What did the Spirit world tell him? She kept it a secret for over 30 years, only committing it to paper at the end of her life. This is the story of one of Spiritualism’s finest trance mediums and what the Spirit world told the President in a time of crisis.

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