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Spirit Intercourse

Spirit Intercourse

By: J. Hewat McKenzie

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ISBN 9781905961375

First published 1916, this edition 2017, 222 pages, 1 picture, 7 illustrations, paperback.

The Book
If you have already come to that point in your life where the question of life after death has already been answered in the affirmative, then the next question should be: What is life like in the spirit world? This book answers that question.

Everything McKenzie writes about is based upon personal experience. He witnessed almost every type of mediumship and came to a deep understanding of its development. It was Hewat McKenzie who trained the great trance medium Eileen Garrett.

He also gained extensive knowledge of what kind of life we can expect after we die by visiting the spirit spheres. Although written over 100 years ago, the laws that govern the universe have not changed.

This book gives clear direction for the development of abilities that enables you to prove for yourself the reality of life after death. It also gives a detailed view of what awaits us and how the next stage of your life is dependent upon how you live this part.

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