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The Case for Spirit Photography

The Case for Spirit Photography

By: Arthur Conan Doyle

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ISBN 9781905961399

First published 1923, this edition 2017, 153 pages, 32 pictures, paperback.

The Book
In this book Arthur Conan Doyle presents the case for spirit photography. He does so in a calm and dispassionate style, offering evidence of his personal experiences with photographic mediums such as William Hope.

It also contains the testimony of other leading investigators. These reports are backed up by 31 plates, all attested to by those who were present when they were taken.
These 31 images are but a small sample from hundreds available when Doyle first published this book in 1923.

Spirit photography is possibly the rarest type of mediumship, offering the sitter an actual photograph of themselves with their departed loved-ones beside them.

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