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The Higher Spiritualism

The Higher Spiritualism

By: John C. Leonard

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ISBN 9781905961207

First published 1927, 403 pages, paperback.

The Book
This book is a masterpiece of research into, not necessarily what Spiritualism is, but what it should be and what it will become.

Written in 1927, and now re-published in 2010, we can test Leonard’s predictions for how he saw the future development of Spiritualism; for we are now living it.

He draws his information from many of the great writers on philosophical Spiritualism, such as Andrew Jackson Davis, and because he names all his sources, this book is an excellent reference work for any Spiritualist student.

In these pages are answers to many of the long-asked questions, such as: What happens when you die? What is life like in the spirit world?

His answers and those drawn from other writers, including many from the spirit world, make perfect logical sense. Anyone with an open mind will find them hard to reject.


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