Trance Mediumship for the 21st Century

In studying the trance mediums of the past, such as Nettie Colburn and J. J. Morse of the 19th century, Gladys Osbourne Leonard and Estelle Roberts of the 20th century, we can learn so much from them. Add to that a study of the evolution of mediumship from the simple rappings of the Fox sisters in 1848 through to the all-round mediums, capable of every type of mediumship, physical, mental and healing, such as Gordon Higginson, and we clearly see a pattern.

That pattern is that the operators in the spirit world do not stand still, they evolve; mediumship evolves for the needs of the day. So what is needed now in the 21st century? It is in trying to answer this question that is the focus of this week.

This course is limited to only 36 students and a group size of just 12. Very few courses will give you so much time for personal tuition. The week will include lectures, demonstrations and group work. There will be a limited number of private sittings available with Steven, Judith and Stella for trance communication, trance healing and spiritual assessment.