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5th Royal Warwicks

5th Royal Warwicks

By: Lieut. C. E. Carrington, M.C.

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ISBN 9781905961382

First published 1922, This edition 2017, 132 pages, 14 photographs and 9 maps, paperback. This is an updated version and includes photographs and maps that were not in the original 1922 edition.

In order to obtain the account of an eye-witness of such an important part of this history, Major P. H. Carter, T.D., was approached, and he generously consented to write the greater part of the first chapter dealing with Mobilisation and the first year in France.

Thanks are due to the Officer in charge of Records at Warwick for giving me access to the War Diaries and other documents; and to Mr. R. R. W. Simpson, of Haileybury College, who has given up much of his time to drawing the four maps that accompany this volume.

It is inevitable that there should be mistakes and omissions in the lists, and I shall be glad to hear of any such discrepancies.

March, 1922.

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