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Strange Visitors 1869

Strange Visitors 1869

By: Henry J. Horn

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Published in 1869 | 252 pages | PDF reader required


Henry J. Raymond - To the New York Public.
Margaret Fuller - Literature in Spirit Life.
Lord Byron - To His Accusers.
Nathaniel Hawthorne – Apparitions.
Washington Irving - Visit to Henry Clay.
Napoleon Bonaparte - To The French Nation.
W. M. Thackeray - His Post Mortem Experience.
Archbishop Hughes - Two Natural Religions.
Edgar a. Poe - The Lost Soul.
Jean Paul Richter - Invisible Influences.
Charlotte Bronte - Agnes Reef. A Tale.
Elizabeth B. Browning - To Her Husband.
Artemus Ward I- n and Out of Purgatory.
Lady Blessington - Distinguished Women.
Professor Olmstead - Locality of the Spirit World.
Adah Isaacs Menken - Hold Me Not.
N. P. Willis - Off-Hand Sketches.
Margaret Fuller - City of Spring Garden.
Gilbert Stuart - Art Conversation.
Edward Everett - Government.
Frederika Bremer - Flight to my Starry Home.
Rev. Lyman Beecher - The Sabbath — Its Uses.
Prof. George Bush - Life and Marriage in Spirit Life.
Junius Brutus Booth - Acting by Spirit Influence.
Kev. John Wesley - Church of Christ.
N. P. Willis - A Spirit Revisiting Earth.
Allan Cunningham - Alone.
Baron Von Humboldt - The Earthquake.
Sir David Brewster - Naturalness of Spirit Life.
H. T. Buckle - Mormons.
W. E. Burton - Drama in Spirit Life.
Chas. L. Elliott - Painting in Spirit Life.
Comedian's Poetry - Rollicking Song.
Lady Hester Stanhope - Prophecy.
Professor Mitchell - The Planets.
Dr. John W. Fkancis - Causes of Disease and Insanity.
Adelaide Procter – The Spirit Bride.


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