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Twelve Months in an English Prison 1884

Twelve Months in an English Prison 1884

By: Susan W. Fletcher

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Published in 1884 | 506 pages | PDF reader required


1. My Story.
2. Some very Childish Manifestations.
3. Further Development, and an Early Marriage.
4. My Dedication.
5. A Divorce.—An Engagement.—A Marriage.
6. Our Future revealed.
7. A New Home and New Manifestations.
8. Remarkable Tests and Special Providences.
9. Mr. Fletcher visits Egypt and Palestine, and we settle in London.
10. 22 Gordon Street, and Mrs. Hart-Davies.
11. Tue Story of the Jewels and the Deed of Gift.
12. How She came to live with Us, and went to Tours.
13. We get more, not to say better, acquainted.
14. Our Excursion to America.
15. New York, Boston, Camp-Meeting, Dr. Mack, and Slgnor Rondi.
16. What happened at the Camp-Meeting.
17. My First Night in Prison, and what came of it.
18. From Boston to Bow Street, London.
19. Before Mr. Flowers at Bow Street.
20. I am admitted to Bail, and the government prosecutes.
21. A Cross-Examination.
22. Cross-Examination continued.
23. Influence of the Press.
24. Forty Yards of Indictment.
25. The Old Bailey.
26. The Opening of the Case.
27. The Testimony and Cross-Examination.
28. Speeches of Counsel, Witnesses to Character, and a Fatal Surrender.
29. Sir Henry Hawkins's Charge to the Jury, Verdict, and Sentence.
30. Some Comments on the Case.
31. In the Pillory.
32. The Other Side.
33. Some Comments on the Case.
34. Her Majesty's Prison, Westminster.
35. Prisoners and Prison-Life.
36. Spirits in Prison.
37. An Insane Prisoner.
38. A Visit to my Husband.
39. Flowers brought to my Cell. — A Lock of Hair and a Letter.
40. Instantaneous Transmission of Letters between London and Calcutta.—Manifestations of Spirit-Power.
41. Further Experiences.
42. Release of a Prisoner.—Celebrating a Birthday.
43. Memorials and Petitions to the Home Secretary.
44. A Plea for Prison-Reform.
45. Freedom.
46. At Liberty in London. — A Farewell Séance, and a Farewell to England.

1. Report of the Cross-Examination of Mrs. Hart-Davies before the Bow-Street Magistrate, Mr. Flowers, with the Suggestions of Counsel, etc.
2. Letter of Dr. T. L. Nichols to the "Banner of Light”
3. Report of the opening speech of Mr. Montagu Williams for the Prosecution.
4. Charge to the Jury by Justice Hawkins.
5. What Prisons are, and what they might be.
6. Memorial of Dr. Nichols to the Home Secretary, asking for the Release of Mrs. Fletcher.


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