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We Never Die 1921

We Never Die 1921

By: Edward James

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Published in 1921 | 120 pages | PDF reader required


The views expressed in this book, upon the subject of our future life in the spiritual world, and the relationship our present life bears to that period of time, are submitted as the result of what I believe to be, an impartial investigation of the phenomena here presented.

I do not expect my readers to believe all this description, or rather report, on my part, of the findings of this investigation, for it is a new and intricate subject; dealing with great fundamental principles.

As I have myself, spent over twenty years in a careful study of this subject, I can appreciate how unlikely it is, that anyone can grasp an immediate understanding of it, as here given.

Believing these writings to be practically all true, and feeling the obligation upon my part to publish this book; I respectfully submit it to public investigation.

This work does not raise any question concerning the Scriptures or religious beliefs of any kind, but is simply a report of a personal investigation along the lines of spiritual phenomena.

The Author.


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