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The Pioneer

The Pioneer

By: August 2017

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114 – The President's Badge – Robert Owen 1925-1928 – David Bruton 2010 – Robert A. Owen – “National Spiritualist” September 1929.
118 – Helen Duncan Seized at a Séance in 1956 – Police searching for beards, masks and a “shroud.” Medium grabbed and searched after cabinet is torn down. Police Use “Gestapo Methods” To Break Up Seance? Helen Duncan's husband to sue police for damages – She dies five weeks after they raided séance. Editor's endnote
130 – 2018 Research – Study dates now available to book.
131 – “Dorchagraphs” known today as “Skotographs.” Andrew Glendinning – a pioneer of Psychic Photography. Estelle Roberts’ “Album of Red Cloud Pictures and Script in Skotographs by Madge Donohoe”.
140 – British Spiritualists’ Lyceum Union – Lyceum Archives Moved to Stansted Hall.
141 – Spiritualist Healers of the Past - James (Jimmy) Richards. James Richards – Appointed SNU Minister
148 – Leslie Price has decided he will not continue to publish Psypioneer.

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